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Surge in San Francisco Car Break-Ins Sparks Concern for Property Security

by Michelle Chan 30 Aug 2023 0 Comments

The city streets of San Francisco have been marred by a distressing trend in recent years: shattered glass on pavements and broken car windows have become an all too familiar sight. Car break-ins in San Francisco have increased by about 42% from 2019 to 2022. With over 22,000 reported vehicle thefts last year, as per official police records, the city finds itself grappling with a concerning surge in property crimes.

Amidst the ongoing discussions about crime rates in San Francisco, one form of offense has stirred particular unease among its residents - a term known as "bipping." This colloquial term refers to the act of breaking into a car and making off with valuables. If the car owner is lucky, they might come across their belongings being resold on a street corner.

In light of these unsettling statistics and the prevalent threat of "bipping," the importance of property security has gained even greater significance. Recent events underscore that leaving personal items unattended, whether in vehicles or elsewhere, is no longer a secure practice. As the local law enforcement agencies intensify their efforts to tackle these property crimes, it has become evident that adopting preventative measures to protect our possessions and living spaces is a necessity rather than a luxury.

The surge in car break-ins serves as a poignant reminder that our valuables are far from invulnerable. While storing items within vehicles might seem convenient, the vulnerabilities associated with this practice have been highlighted by recent incidents.

Experts advise a more prudent approach: safeguarding valuable items within the secure confines of our homes. Yet, the security of a residence hinges on the strength of its defense mechanisms. As the first line of defense for home security, the lock on your front door plays a pivotal role. However, traditional locks, all too often, are susceptible to skilled burglars.

A New Era in Door Lock Security

In response to these pressing concerns, Elemake Locks proudly introduces its cutting-edge solution: the High-Security Mechanical Keyless Deadbolt. Engineered to provide an unparalleled level of protection, this revolutionary lock redefines home security. No longer do homeowners need to rely on outdated lock-and-key mechanisms that can be easily compromised. Elemake's mechanical keyless door lock harnesses advanced technology to create a formidable defense against unauthorized access.

Elemake Mechanical Keyless Deadbolt - Built for Uncompromising Security

What sets the Elemake High-Security Mechanical Keyless Deadbolt apart is its seamless fusion of convenience and uncompromising security. Merging intricate craftsmanship with advanced engineering and high-grade zinc alloy material, this lock acts as a powerful deterrent to even the most determined intruders. Besides, it doesn't use electronic components, which is a purposeful design decision to lower the risk of digital hacking. Unlike smart locks, this mechanical keyless deadbolt is more secure and effective at preventing getting hacked.

In an age where fortifying our homes is paramount, taking that crucial first step towards bolstering security has never been more vital. The Elemake High-Security Mechanical Keyless Deadbolt empowers homeowners to assume control over their safety and that of their loved ones. By upgrading to this innovative lock, you invest in a future where your home remains a sanctuary, unyielding to the uncertainties beyond its walls.

elemake mechanical keyless deadbolt


The recent wave of car break-ins in San Francisco serves as a stark wake-up call, underscoring the vulnerability of our possessions. Safeguarding valuables begins at home, and the foundation of this defense lies in the locks that secure our doors. Elemake Locks' High-Security Mechanical Keyless Door Lock revolutionizes home security, instilling confidence in the face of daily uncertainties. Elevate your security measures today and embrace a future where peace of mind knows no boundaries.

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