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10 Must-Read Home Security Tips & Tricks from Police

by Michelle Chan 18 Aug 2023 0 Comments
home security tips

Is your home truly the haven you believe it to be? Ensuring its safety doesn't have to be an overwhelming task. In fact, there are practical steps you can take right now to enhance your home security. By following these practical home security tips, you'll be well on your way to creating a more secure home for you and your loved ones.

1. Lock Up Tight: Secure Your Doors and Windows

Locking your doors and windows is the most basic yet crucial step in home security. It's not just about doing it when you're leaving - make it a habit to lock up even when you're inside. Take a moment to ensure all accessible windows and doors are properly secured before you head out. For added peace of mind, consider investing in door and window sensors that alert you if they're opened.

secure your door and window

2. Enhance Door Security: Upgrade Your Locks

The security of your home starts at its very core - your door locks. A robust locking system can be the game-changer in discouraging any unwelcome visitors. Consider upgrading to deadbolt locks on all exterior doors. Strengthen those door frames and hinges to transform forced entry into an even more formidable challenge. But why stop there? Delve into the modern realm of security with Elemake Mechanical Keyless door locks. These innovative locks not only elevate your defense strategy but also grant you the power of keyless entry, putting the reins of your home's security firmly in your hands.

Elemake Mechanica Keyless Door Lock

3. Hide Your Valuables: Keep Items Out of Sight

Out of sight, out of mind - this rule applies to your valuable possessions too. Avoid displaying expensive items like electronics, jewelry, and important documents where they can be easily seen from outside. And don't forget about your garage – keeping it closed and secured prevents thieves from eyeing your tools and equipment.

hide your valuables

4. Get a Security System: Stay Vigilant with Home Security Systems

Investing in a comprehensive security system is a proactive measure that pays off. Modern security systems encompass a range of features including surveillance cameras, motion sensors, and audible alarms. The mere presence of visible security measures, like cameras and yard signs, can deter potential burglars from even attempting to breach your home. Install cameras near entry points and other vulnerable areas. Wireless camera options with remote monitoring capabilities grant you the flexibility to keep tabs on your home, whether you're at work or on vacation.

get a security system

5. Light Up Your Home Exterior: Outdoor Lighting Adds Security

A well-lit exterior is a powerful deterrent against unauthorized access. Motion-activated lights are an excellent choice, as they surprise and expose anyone lurking around. Consider combining outdoor lighting with security cameras, ensuring that any movement around your property is well-illuminated and captured.

light up home exterior

6. Lock Your Garage and Shed: Extend Security Measures

Your garage and shed can house valuable tools and equipment, making them enticing targets for burglars. Make sure all entry points to these spaces are secured with sturdy locks. Additionally, if these structures are attached to your home, ensure the connecting doors are fortified as well.

lock your garage and shed

7. Safeguard Your Digital Space: Lock Down Your WiFi

Your home's digital security is just as important as its physical security. Ensure your WiFi network is well-protected with a strong password. This prevents unauthorized access to your connected devices, including security systems and cameras.

lock down your wifi

8. Make It Look Like You're Home When You're Not

When you're away, give the impression that your home is occupied. Use timers to activate lights, radios, or even TVs, simulating activity within your home. Ask a neighbor or friend to collect mail and newspapers so your absence isn't obvious.

make it look like you are home

9. Be Careful on Social Media: Protect Your Privacy

In the digital age, it's crucial to protect your personal information. Avoid oversharing details about your whereabouts, daily routines, or travel plans on social media platforms. Burglars can use this information to time their break-ins when you're not home.

protect your privacy on social media

10. Keep Spare Keys in a Secure Lock Box

Rather than leaving spare keys under mats or potted plants, consider the prudent choice of a lock box. This prevents unauthorized access while ensuring you have a reliable backup in case of emergencies or accidental lockouts. Choose a sturdy lock box that can be discreetly placed and accessibly positioned for you or trusted individuals.

keep spare keys in lock box

Can you picture your home as a fortress of safety? It's not a distant dream – it's a reality you can create. As you incorporate these simple yet powerful home security tips into your daily routine, you're not just safeguarding your physical space, but also your peace of mind. So go ahead, take these steps, and turn your dwelling into the secure sanctuary you deserve. Your home's security is in your hands, and the tranquility that comes with it is a reward that can't be measured

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