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Bluetooth Vs. Wi-Fi Smart Locks: Which is Better?

by Michelle Chan 28 Aug 2023 0 Comments
wifi vs bluetooth smart lock

Home technology has definitely made life more convenient and secure. Who would have thought that there would be a time when you wouldn't have to carry a bunch of keys around with you? Isn't it incredible that we never have to worry about being locked out of our houses anymore? Yes, smart keyless locks have indeed made everything feasible. And even in smart locks, you have so many options. Should you opt for Bluetooth smart locks? Or will Wi-Fi smart locks be a better option? Are you confused too? Well, it's time to get all your answers!

What's A Smart Lock?

Before we delve into the battle of Bluetooth vs. Wi-Fi smart locks, it's prudent to shed some light on exactly what smart locks entail. These locks are smart home devices that provide you with keyless access to your home locks.

Once you have a smart lock installed, you can lock and unlock doors with a tap of your finger or even a simple voice command. There are so many benefits you get with smart locks! For instance,

  • These locks offer you remote access via an app. You can control the locks while also monitoring the comings and goings remotely. The locks will even alert you to any activity!
  • Smart locks with Wi-Fi connectivity enable you to view the exit and entry logs in real-time. So you wouldn't have to worry about your kids not reaching home on time.
  • You can use Bluetooth smart locks to recognize you as they are connected to your smartphone. Hence, the door will be automatically locked once you approach.
  • Smart locks have multiple keyless entry options, and you can create custom code numbers for people you want to give access to your house too. You can also create permanent and temporary codes for visitors, repair services, and so on. Smart locks allow you to set access limitations for every entry code.
  • Smart locks are provided with auto-locking options via which your door will be locked automatically if it has been left unlocked for the set time.

 smart lock

What's A Bluetooth Smart Lock?

Bluetooth smart locks are actually pretty interesting. Bluetooth technology plays a role in detecting if the connected device is outside the door. It could be a key fob, a smartphone, or even a smartwatch.

The lock will validate if the person on the door is indeed an authorized user with a virtual key, and only authorized people will be able to open the door and no one else. What better way to keep intruders at bay, right?

Pros & Cons Of Bluetooth Smart Locks

We cannot deny that Bluetooth smart locks are an ingenuous concept. But like everything else, it has its share of pros and cons. So let's dig into it so you can learn what exactly you are signing up for.

Pros Of Bluetooth Smart Locks

  • The locks offer hands-free capabilities with keyless entry. The doors are automatically unlocked with the Bluetooth-connected device detected from a distance from the door. You won't have to scramble around looking for keys anymore.
  • The locks can be powered by a battery, so you wouldn't have to worry about your lock not working during power outages.
  • These locks offer optimal security as the only people who will be able to access your house are the ones with the virtual key. So you have complete control over who enters your house at all times.

Cons Of Bluetooth Smart Locks

  • The locks only work automatically when in proximity to the programmed device. So whoever wants access to your house will need to have a smartphone with him. This might be a bit of a problem sometimes when you have repairs or renovations going on.
  • Your smartphone battery will drain faster when Bluetooth runs on it at all times. Luckily, the locks do have options of password, fingerprint and even physical key as an extra access method. So you won’t be locked out if your phone runs out of battery. But you will need to remember to keep the key with you. Or remember the password!

What's A Wi-Fi Smart Lock?

Wi-Fi smart locks work with internet connectivity. You need to install an app on your phone post which you will have full control over your house locks, no matter where you are! Sounds perfect, right?

Pros & Cons Of Wi-Fi Smart Locks

Don't get carried away! As beneficial as Wi-Fi smart locks are, they, too, have their share of drawbacks. And you need to be fully aware of them to make an informed decision.

Pros Of Wi-Fi Smart Locks

  • You will be able to lock and unlock your door from anywhere in the world as long as you have an active internet connection
  • You can activate the option of real-time alerts for when your lock is unlocked or activated. Hence, you will easily be able to keep tabs on your property at all times.
  • With Wi-Fi smart locks, you can easily send digital keys to others with time-based access. This implies that the key will only work at specific times.

Cons Of Wi-Fi Smart Locks

  • You will find yourself in a lurch during power outages or when the Wi-Fi is disconnected. So you must ensure that you have the physical key or key fob with you in case of emergencies. Or remember the password!
  • Like with other key locks, When you share digital keys with strangers, the security is somewhat diluted. Furthermore, if you lose your smartphone and someone gets access to the security app on your phone, they will be able to access your door!

What's The Difference Between Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Smart Locks?

Both Bluetooth smart locks and Wi-Fi smart locks offer a great deal of convenience and security. The major difference between the two is the kind of connectivity they offer. Wi-Fi smart locks offer remote access, while the activated device has to be in proximity for the Bluetooth smart locks to work.

Bluetooth VS Wi-Fi Smart Locks: Which Is Right For You?

So it's time for the final verdict on the Bluetooth vs. Wi-Fi smart locks. Which of these should be your choice? Both have some benefits to offer, and both have a few drawbacks too. So it all comes down to your preference.

But you must note that Wi-Fi smart locks typically have built-in Wi-Fi modules. Hence, they consume more power compared to Bluetooth smart locks. So this is something you should be prepared for. Of course, you can always get a separate external Wi-Fi gateway device for enabling remote control for Bluetooth smart locks. So, in the end, it all depends on the features that you think will be beneficial for your home's security.


At the end of the day, what you prefer matter! Both Bluetooth smart locks, and Wi-Fi smart locks are highly beneficial, and can improve your home security by manifold. So you simply have to consider all your requirements, and their features, and benefits. You can then make your decision accordingly. Just make sure that you buy your smart locks from a reliable place though.

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