Elemake Keyless Deadbolt Keypad Entry Door Lock Mechanical Shabbos Lock,Silver

Product Type: Mechanical, Deadbolt, Combination
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Elemake Keyless Deadbolt Keypad Entry Door Lock Mechanical Shabbos Lock,Silver

Elemake Keyless Deadbolt Keypad Entry Door Lock Mechanical Shabbos Lock,Silver


Elemake Keyless Deadbolt Keypad Entry Door Lock Mechanical Shabbos Lock,Silver

  • Model: MKD-001ZS

  • Keyless Deadbolt Keypad Entry Door Lock Zinc Alloy Sabbath Lock Mechanical Shabbos Lock- No Risk of Low Power, Silver

EleMake high security mechanical lock

  • Does not lock automatically, you don’t need to enter the passcode again and again.

  • Mechanical (No risk of low battery), high-grade zinc alloy deadbolt lock, you can use a passcode or key to lock/open it, very difficult to pry open.

  • Suitable for standard prepared doors, maximum borehole diameter 2-1/8" (Suitable for a wood or metal door thickness of 1.38-1.96inch), both left/right-handed and inward/outward opening doors.

  • Combination can be 4-8 digits (no repeats), Please be noted that the combination code can be used in any order.

Mechanical Door Lock 4-8 digits

  • From inside, the user can open the door at any time without entering a password. It will remain unlocked until the knob is turned in to "lock" direction. No need to enter the password each time, whether you are in or out, enter it on demand.

Deadbolt Mechanical Door Lock 

Product information

Lock Type- Mechanical Keyless Deadbolt

Item Dimensions- 6 x 3 x 1 inches

Material & Shape- Metal, Zinc & Rectangular

Style & Color- Fashion, ‎Zinc - Silver

Item Weight- 3.35 pounds

Recommended Uses For Product:‎ Gate Lock, Room Lock

Controller Type: ‎Hand Control, Mechanical knob

Package Included- Keyless Deadbolt Set * 1 

 Unordered password Door Lock

Deadbolt Door Lock fit standard doors


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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

Well built and made of heavy duty material. This is a mechanical combination deadbolt lock and not battery. You do not have to worry about the combination lock not working. Tumblers are used for setting the combination and the combination does not need to be entered in any specific order. The instructions were straightforward and easy to follow. I used this to replace an existing deadbolt lock so the hole was already in the door. I didn't have to try to use the template provided for creating a hole. For me, the hole needed to be slightly enlarged which I was able to accomplish with a wood file and sanding bit. I believe this can be installed by a person with average home maintenance skills. Just keep in mind that it is mechanical and not battery operated. I would recommend.


Instructions is pretty straight forward. My favorite part of this lock is that you can just turn the knob from the outside and it’s locked. No keys needed. No need to enter a special code to lock it. Even I can trust my 4 yr old to lock the front door. Easy Peasy.

Ann Patterson

I ordered this door lock / keypad because it did not require batteries, like most of them do. I didn’t want to mess with replacing the batteries or worry about it running out of battery power at the worst possible time, when I’m in a hurry, etc. I must admit, setting the combination was quite intimidating for me. At first glance it looked complicated. However, the enclosed tag had a QR code for a YouTube video with instructions. This helped tremendously! The video was for a slightly different version of this keypad, but the instructions are the same, so no problem. I used my iPad, to scan the QR code, so it would come up on a bigger screen, rather than on my phone screen. I was able to start and stop the video, as I followed the instructions to take off the cover and set the new combination. I did all this sitting at my kitchen table, before going outside to put the keypad on my shed door. I took my iPad outside with me to finish the installation. I was pretty proud of myself to accomplish this project all on my own, without the aid of my husband. Ha ha. He was impressed, also!


I was immediately impressed by the substantial weight of this product. This provides a true feeling of security. This is not always the case with competing keyless deadbolt products. This product uses no batteries, and the user is required to enter a combination on a mechanical keypad up to six digits, and then manually turn the deadbolt lever. I see this as an advantage to battery operated deadbolts that require frequent battery replacement. The entry code is changed by interchanging mechanical blocks in the lock using a tweezer that is provided for this purpose. This sounds complicated but is fairly easy to do. The lock would be more secure if the code had to be entered in the order in which it was programmed.


What a terrific keyless doorlock. No wires, batteries or electricity necessary. The installation was very simple and the code programing was my only challenge since I am color blind. I used a helper to tell the difference between silver and gold keys that insert into the number slots. The lock itself is very robust and clearly made very well. I like that it doesn't lock automatically, you have to turn it for the lock to engage. The installation only took about 10 minutes. The directions were very clear and easy to understand. Just be sure it will fit if you have a screen door in front of your entry door. The Elemake mechanical doorlock is a great value and I recommend this product.

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