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Burglary Alert: What Every Homeowner Should Know About U.S. Home Burglary Facts & Stats

by Michelle Chan 04 Sep 2023 0 Comments
Burglary Alert: What Every Homeowner Should Know About U.S. Home Burglary Facts & Stats

The safety and security of our homes are paramount concerns for every homeowner. Understanding the trends and statistics related to home burglaries in is crucial for making informed decisions about protecting your property and loved ones. In this comprehensive article, we'll delve into the latest home burglary statistics in the United States and discuss how you can fortify your home security.

Home Burglary Statistics

Home burglaries are, unfortunately, a reality that many Americans face. While nobody wants to dwell on the possibility of a break-in, it's essential to stay informed about the facts:

Frequency: According to recent data, a burglary occurs in the United States approximately every 15 seconds. This means that, on average, more than 4,800 burglaries happen daily across the country. (Source:

Property Loss: Home burglaries result in substantial property loss. On average, the financial loss due to a burglary is estimated to be around $2,416 per incident. This includes the value of stolen items and the cost of repairing any damage caused during the break-in. (Source: FBI)

Timing: According to the FBI burglary data from 2018, Burglaries are more likely to occur during the day when homeowners are at work or school. 51% of all reported burglaries occurred in the daytime compared to 32% at night. (Source: FBI)

Regional Variations: Burglary rates can vary significantly by region. While some areas experience higher rates, others have relatively lower instances of home burglaries. New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Washington, Louisiana are on the list of top 5 states with the highest number of home invasions per year, while New Hampshire, Virginia, New Jersey, Maine, Massachusetts are the top 5 states with the lowest rate of burglary. (Source: FBI)

Entry Points: The most common entry points for burglars are front doors, back doors, and first-floor windows. Over one third (34%) of burglars enter a property through the front door, and 22% through the back-door. Another 23% gain access through a ground-floor window, whereas a further 9% get in through the garage. (Source: ADT Report)

Protecting Your Home with Elemake Mechanical Keyless Deadbolt Lock

Given the above statistics, it's evident that taking proactive steps to protect your home is essential. One highly effective way to do this is by upgrading your door lock to a high-security option like the Elemake Mechanical Keyless Deadbolt Lock

Why Choose Elemake Mechanical Keyless Deadbolt Lock?

Enhanced Security Features: Elemake locks are equipped with state-of-the-art security features, including anti-pick and anti-bump technology, providing the utmost protection for your home. These features make it extremely difficult for burglars to manipulate or pick the lock.

Keyless Security: With this advanced lock, you eliminate the need for keys. Access is granted via a secure code, reducing the risk of unauthorized entry. Say goodbye to the anxiety of lost or copied keys.

Rekeying Flexibility: With the ability to rekey the lock, the Elemake lock allows homeowners to maintain control over who has access to their home. When you move into a new house or if you've given spare keys to people who you no longer want to have access, you can rekey the lock to ensure that only authorized individuals can enter. When compared with replacing the entire lock, rekeying is often more cost-effective.

Durable and Weather-Resistant: These locks are built to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting security. Whether it's the scorching heat of summer or the freezing cold of winter, your Elemake lock will perform reliably.

Simple Installation: You don't need to be a locksmith to install an Elemake lock. The installation process is user-friendly and comes with clear instructions, making it suitable for DIY enthusiasts. You can have your new lock in place in no time.

Elemake mechanical keyless door lock

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In conclusion, being aware of home burglary statistics in the United States is essential for taking proactive measures to safeguard your home and loved ones. While the risk of burglary exists, you can significantly reduce it by upgrading your door lock to a high-security Elemake Mechanical Keyless Deadbolt Lock. Don't wait until it's too late; invest in your home's security today to enjoy the peace of mind you deserve. Your home and loved ones will thank you for it.

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