Elemake Combination Lockset Push Button Combination Locks Keypad

Product Type: Mechanical, Deadbolt, Keypad
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Elemake Combination Lockset Push Button Combination Locks Keypad

Elemake Combination Lockset Push Button Combination Locks Keypad


Elemake Combination Lockset Push Button Combination Locks Keypad

  • Model: MKD-001ZB

  • Keyless Deadbolt Keypad Entry Door Lock Zinc Alloy Sabbath Lock Mechanical Shabbos Lock- No Risk of Low Power, Black

EleMake Keyless Entry Door Lock

  • No Batteries Required: you don't have to worry about changing the batteries now and then and well is no hassle of troubleshooting.

  • Installation: Easy to install and set combo by yourself. Save on labor installation costs

  • Options: never worry about forgetting a key, you can use a passcode or key to lock/open it

High quality door lock

  • High Quality: It works well and is convenient as well as sturdy and durable.

  • Adaptability: fits most doors, maximum borehole diameter 2-1/8" (Suitable for a wood or metal door thickness of 1.38-1.96inch), both left/right-handed and inward/outward opening doors.

Keypad combination door lock

  • Affordable: won't stop working,perfect for all kinds of weather.
  • Usage Scenarios: Perfect for the house with kids, rental property, interior garage door, shop, garage, Airbnb property, backyard shed, gate, delivery box, home's terrace door, vacation home, front door, RV barn


Lock Type- Mechanical Keypad Lock

Item Dimensions- 6 x 3 x 1 inches

Material & Shape- Metal, Zinc & Rectangular

Style & Color- Fashion, ‎Zinc - Black

Item Weight- 3.32 pounds

Recommended Uses For Product: Gate Lock, Room Lock

Package Included- Keyless Deadbolt Set * 1 

How to use the door lock

High security door lock


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

I am a techie guy and love smart home tech. Got this because tire of changing battery and troubleshooting my door lock like a computer. This is super well built (not sure if you could break it with a hammer), unlike some of the 200-300+ smart lock. Super simple to setup and always works. Love the compact lock/handle design.

K. Pettit

I replaced a very old sticking deadbolt with the key less entry door lock. I give it a 9.5 out of 10 for being near perfect. There is one limitation and it involves setting your own pass code to unlock. You can have a 4, 6 or 8 digit pin that you enter to manually unlock the door however you cannot duplicate any characters. You have to come up with a pass code using each number or letter just one time which is not that difficult with 12 possible keys to use (0-9 and A, B). Furthermore the pass code is not order limited. For example a 1, 2, 3, 4 pass code can be entered as 2, 4, 3, 1 and it will still acknowledge the correct numbers being entered and will unlock. This is helpful in the dark or if in a hurry to get into the safety of your home. Hit the numbers in any order and get in. Great lock, I have just started using it so cannot tell you the long term quality but it feels quite durable, the installation process uses an internal disk to hold the heavy outer lock mechanism in place and then bolts from the back of the door onto that plate. That design makes it much more sturdy and likely to last a long time.

israel Helprin

I like these locks a lot. especialy with key override and with 3 keys .
Tho could you make them without the key overide and even be less expensive?
Also any possibility for the face be secured with 2 screws instead of 1 only.

Tammy Garcia

What a terrific keyless doorlock. No wires, batteries or electricity necessary. The installation was very simple and the code programing was my only challenge since I am color blind. I used a helper to tell the difference between silver and gold keys that insert into the number slots. The lock itself is very robust and clearly made very well. I like that it doesn't lock automatically, you have to turn it for the lock to engage. The installation only took about 10 minutes. The directions were very clear and easy to understand. Just be sure it will fit if you have a screen door in front of your entry door.The Elemake mechanical doorlock is a great value and I recommend this product.


I have a separate workshop/garage in the back that uses a regular key and I've been wanting to try this out so I wont always have to have my keys with me when entering.Good instructions and the QR code with the video supplement was helpful to review before installing if you haven't done this before.Minor clarifications:1- on my particular lockset, the internal knob has two screws that fit into a round plate that is used to clamp the outer assembly to the door itself. So make sure you position it with the threaded "towers" facing to the side you're on (see photo).To be honest you probably wont be looking at it that closely once you see how the code setting pins work but just fyi if you meticulously are looking at the directions.I do like the locking mechanism, it's smooth and super easy to use and you can put all kinds of codes in (although as a mechanical lock it requires removal of the whole thing to change pin codes).But I wanted a mechanical and non-battery powered lock so I'm willing to live with this as my usage is in a controlled back yard and with only me or my wife really using it so no risk of 'code theft' or whatever.Easy to install and no issues other than as noted.

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