Elemake Smart ZigBee Hub Tuya Bluetooth WiFi Gateway

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Elemake Smart ZigBee Hub Tuya Bluetooth WiFi Gateway

Elemake Smart ZigBee Hub Tuya Bluetooth WiFi Gateway


Elemake Smart ZigBee Hub Tuya Bluetooth WiFi Gateway


Product SKU: GW-ZBBL

Elemake Smart ZigBee Hub, Tuya Bluetooth Gateway, Only Support ZigBee Tuya Device, Wi-Fi Gateway App Remotely Control (2.4GHz WiFi), Smart Home Wi-Fi Bridge, Work with Alexa, Google Assistant

  • Multi-Protocol Support: Supports Zigbee, Bluetooth Mesh dual-protocols (support secondary development, easy to expand and reliable), and supports wifi control smart home tuya device (2.4GHz WiFi). Connect it with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Smart Life App for a complete smart home linkage experience

  • Voice Control and App Integration: Works harmoniously with the Smart Life/Tuya App, providing features like device addition, resets, third-party control, and group management. Whether you're at home or away, manage and remotely control your lights, smart door locks, and other Tuya Zigbee devices through the app. It's also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for convenient voice control of your Smart LEDs and other smart home devices

  • Ease of Setup: Highlight that the device simplifies the setup process. It can automatically search for devices and join the network, eliminating the need for users to worry about complex network parameter configurations. This user-friendly feature is especially appealing to those new to smart home technology

  • Long Battery Life: The device boasts low power consumption, ensuring it can operate continuously for up to 5 years without interruptions. This longevity is impressive and reduces the hassle of frequent battery changes


  • Expandable and Compatible: WiFi+Bluetooth adopts Tuya WBRG1 module, ZigBee adopts ZS3L module. Easily expand your smart home setup with support for secondary development and compatibility with other ZHA standard equipment

Product Description
Product name: Zigbee+BLE smart gateway
Communication method: Wi-Fi & Zigbee & Bluetooth Mesh
Working parameters: DC 5v/1a
Operating temperature: 0℃-55℃

Wi-Fi router needs to be 2.4G Hz Wi-Fi to work with Wi-Fi-Gateway
Connect it with Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant for a complete smart home experience
WBRG1 contains KM4 MCU and low-power KM0 MCU, WLAN MAC, 1T1R WLAN, up to 200MHz main frequency, built-in 4Mbyte PSRAM, 8Mbyte flash, and rich peripheral resources.WBRG1 is an RTOS platform that integrates all Wi-Fi MAC and TCP/IP protocol libraries.
ZS3L has a low-power 32-bit ARM Cortex-M33 core, 768 KByte flash program memory, 64KB RAM data memory, and a wealth of peripheral resources, integrating all Zigbee MAC and TCP/IP libraries
Only Support ZigBee Tuya Device

*Search for devices and automatically join the network, no need to consider network parameter configuration, the module automatically selects and sets optimized parameters
*Built-in 256 MB memory and 1 GB RAM
*Support secondary development and provide a complete interface protocol
*Customer configuration is simple and convenient, easy to expand
*Product interoperability, stable and reliable
*The certified equipment using this module is compatible with other ZHA standard equipment
*Low power consumption: Can work continuously for 5 years without interruption

Package included:

smart gateway*1 data line*1 manual*1


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Customer Reviews

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I got this Elemake Zigbee/Bluetooth Wi-Fi gateway to make my Bluetooth-only smart devices accessible from Google/Alexa, and from outside the house.I had no problems connecting to Tuya Smart and it knew of my already-added Bluetooth devices and worked with them without any setup. My smart locks worked immediately. Devices are accessible from the main screen normally; you don't have to go into this device's screen to access them. In the Wi-Fi page it allows adding a secondary Wi-Fi network to use in case the main one is unavailable, for more reliability.I don't have any Zigbee devices to test yet.Bluetooth range is at least 40 feet, from a back room to the front door. It worked at this range no matter the orientation of the unit (horizontal all four rotations, vertical, backwards), even with my hand covering the unit.Power draw was only 0.5W despite it stating it needs 5W USB.No screw mount on the back. It's light enough (34g) that some mounting tape would hold it on a wall.

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