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What is the newest technology of door lock?

by Kevin Williams 03 Aug 2022
What is the newest technology of door lock?

Smart Wi-Fi Gateway

What is a Gateway in a Smart Home? In short, it is the most advanced technology that can manage your home anywhere through a small box.

Strongest Brain

The human brain is infinitely expandable. Nowadays, smart gateway technology has been developed to control the whole house, and remote control of door locks is also a very important breakthrough. Imagine, when you are in a hurry to go out and forget to turn off the lights or forget to lock the door, if you can turn off the lights and lock the door immediately, what a convenient, safe and economical choice it is. Just like decades ago, could we really think that a mobile phone can connect the whole world.

Technology is improving

Elemake has been committed to research and development to develop the latest technology, which has been applied to the latest door locks. Smart Gateway Door Lock. Remote control of the door lock can be realized by connecting the Tuya app.

Wifi gateway. Smart home

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